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About Us

“Be inspired, be creative, be you”

NōVW is a Melbourne based luxury brand specialising in quality, bespoke sentimental heirloom gifts.

NōVW first launched luxurious, custom-knitted blankets and throws with perfection woven into every fibre in 2016. Since then, we have spent years perfecting them, using only the best materials to create timeless designs that our customers love. We are passionate about supporting a local industry that was on the brink of collapsing.

You can learn more about NōVW’s full story and journey here

What we are passionate about

Local Craftmanship

We 100% support local Australian businesses including our suppliers, manufacturers, seamster and seamstresses.

Exquisite Quality 

Triple layered, moisture wicking fabric fitted with silver ion technology to actively fight against bacteria ensuring maximum comfort and protection.

Ethical Manufacturing & Sustainability

Our masks are reusable. We are committed to ethical, transparent production and are continually seeking to reduce our carbon footprint.

Impacts of Covid-19

Like many others, Covid-19 has had a big impact on NōVW and the local industry here in Australia. We wanted to keep true with our mission, so we have spent the past few months designing, building prototypes, sourcing local materials, and working with local seamster and seamstresses to develop what we believe is the perfect mask for Australians.  

Using only the best materials, we have created a mask that offers moisture wicking, anti-fogging, triple layering, and great airflow with a cool feel against your skin. 

Our NōVW designer masks are a perfect combination for staying safe, looking stylish and remaining comfortable in our hot Australian climate. 


Giving Back

With every mask purchased, we donate 5% to charity to help those struggling through the effects of this pandemic.


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