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Antibacterial face masks treated with pure silver to keep you safe this Summer.

Summer is rolling in and with it, the reality of facing the future with masks always on in public. As lockdowns are lifted, so are the hopes for more human interaction. That means people are on the hunt for a high-quality, reliable mask that will look elegant and classy since it is now part of our everyday attire.

What people are probably prioritizing (in addition to looks, of course) is comfort and practicality. NoVW’s masks are tailored to fit everyone’s needs because they are lightweight, quick to dry, breathable, and so perfect for the coming summer heat.


Let’s first talk about the difference between a sweat-wicking fabric and a breathable fabric.

Sweat-wicking material pulls moisture away from your body, through the fabric so it can evaporate. This wicking action helps keep your body dry and cool, even during hot weather or while you’re sweating.

Meanwhile, breathable fabrics allow air to pass through it freely. As a result, any moisture that your body produces will evaporate faster. Not all breathable fabrics are equal though. For example, cotton, rayon, and linen are breathable but not great at wicking moisture away from the skin. So although we love cotton, they are not the best masks to wear on hot Summer days.


With our specialised silver ion antimicrobial fabric, NoVW masks are designed to wick away moisture from the skin. They are ultra-absorbent yet extremely lightweight. The fabric keeps any moisture, including sweat and condensation from the breath, away from the skin.

Our masks uses a multifilament technology to wick away any moisture, which is evaporated quickly, giving off a cool, dry feel. This helps prevent any irritation on sensitive skin and facial hair. The thin, lightweight material can hold its form to keep the mask slightly away from your face. This allows maximum breathability and comfort.

So when you’re breaking a good sweat on Melbourne’s glorious hot days, that sweat will evaporate quickly to produce a cooling effect. After skin temperature cools to a comfortable level, your body stops sweating. It’s a super-efficient process, and one that an effective moisture-wicking fabric will complement.

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