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What is Silver Ion Antimicrobial Fabric?

Breathing Through A Sponge?

As much as we hate to admit it, masks are like sponges. While they help filter the viruses passed between humans, they can also collect, orders, bacteria and viruses. That’s why washing reusable masks is recommended to do often. Silver ion antimicrobial fabric is very different than other masks. The fabric is infused with silver to keep microbes from flourishing in the fibres. So instead of the mask collecting bacteria like a sponge, it can kill, slow, or stop bacteria production with its antimicrobial properties.


What Is So Special About Silver?

Silver ion antimicrobial fabric used for masks is like having healthy disinfectants built right into the mask. It would be far too toxic to spray disinfectants directly on our masks – can you imagine the damage of breathing in the fumes all day? Antimicrobial fabric uses ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate to kill any bacteria or virus. The silver is a natural disinfectant, without the toxicity because of the healthful properties it gives off. The specialized antimicrobial silver properties have the ability to resist the growth of microbes. The silver particles are infused into the fabric, creating the perfect barrier for bacteria and viruses.



Silver’s Relationship with Bacteria

Silver can disrupt the bacteria’s ability to form the chemical bonds that are essential to its survival. Essentially, when bacteria meet the silver, the chemical bonds break down and the bacteria dies. A single bacteria cell can reproduce thousands of times in just hours if the situation is just right. That means some masks could be breading grounds for bacteria. That’s not very comforting to think about, is it?


Ultra-Reliable Fabric

The good news is that masks made with a silver ion antimicrobial fabric can ensure better protection against viruses as it inhibits their growth. NoVW specifically uses Silpure, a specially designed silver ion antimicrobial treatment that offers constant protection against bacterial growth. It is a durable fabric, made to last multiple washes and will always provide a high level of freshness. This material is non-toxic and is US EPA registered, BPR compliant and Oeko-Tex listed, and complies with all regulatory requirements.


Comfort Made To Last

While this mask doesn’t replace social distancing or washing hands, it certainly provides and added layer of comfort and protection against the virus. It illuminates orders by controlling the bacteria growth. With extremely low bacteria growth rates, masks made with silver ion antimicrobial fabric do not need to be washed as often, making the masks last even longer.

The Moisture wicking properties make it more comfortable as you breathe and use your mask throughout the day. These masks are perfect for warm weather because they have thin and breathable fabric that allows more airflow.


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